About us

In 2016, my wife asked me to take our daughter to the drug store to purchase all her toiletries for summer camp.

We went with a list in hand, and walked from aisle to aisle, looking through 1,000’s of products for the 30 or so items she needed. We went from aisle 1 to aisle 7, to aisle 2, back to aisle 1. At that moment I realized there has to be a better option than this.

We waited in line, checked out, went home and started to label all the items —,not a fun Sunday afternoon.

I decided to create Bunk Supplies and Beyond.

In 15 minutes you can purchase all the camp toiletries that are needed, plus have the items labeled and shipped to camps that allow packages or sent to your home to put in your camp trunk.

A week into camp, the dreaded letter arrived. Not the one that says, I hate camp! The one that says: “Mom or dad, when we went shopping we forgot all of these items from the list, please get them to me tomorrow.” When you use our app or website, you see every item you need, it is hard to forget anything.

Bunk Supplies & Beyond


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